Big Cats

After a long journey from Switzerland to our first desert lodge in Mashatu Game Reserve, we never expected to meet one of the big cats on our very first game drive in our lifes. But we were lucky and met a beautiful leopard on a tree in the evening sun. The next days we were lucky to be able watch a big family of lions and after that even a lioness and a cheetah with its cubs. The lioness seemed to present us her cubs on purpose and walked even some 100 meters behind our car and lay down in the grass just like telling us: “please, keep an eye on them for me”. What an experience! In Okovango Delta we escorted a male lion on his early morning stroll for quite a while – of course – we stayed on our car – and he didn’t mind! Later we saw him chewing on a rotten monkey. It smelled worse than you could imagine. We left the place quite quickly.